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Nuffnang's Youth Credit Card Contest
Sunday, March 17, 2013 | 0 comments
Hi guys..happy weekend..wah!. i just realize Nuffnang got this contest n i just decide to join it in just 1 day left..crazy me....

but.. i already try my best n i called this credit card as....

 " Explore & Secure". 

Why i just not name it as "Youth card" about old folks/parents if they are interested to use this card also?

First we have to know y credit card is because to ensure we can do transaction without using our real money..more secure for youth out there since nowadays there is a lot of criminal cases happen.

the term "Explore" is for youth to spend their money wisely...
the "Rainbow" is to indicate their enjoy,happinest
the "Plain paper" is to indicate transaction goes well without any doubt :D



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